IPv6 filtering (was Re: IPv6 internet broken, cogent/telia/hurricane not peering)

Seth Mattinen sethm at rollernet.us
Mon Oct 12 21:44:58 UTC 2009

Marco Hogewoning wrote:
> As this thread has drifted off topic any way, would it for instance be a
> good idea to simply not accept mail from hosts that clearly use
> autoconfig ie reject all smtp from EUI-64 addresses. Of course not a
> wise idea for your own outbound relays which should handle mail from
> your customers but on the incoming side it might as well save a lot of
> headache and there is no need to keep track of which /64 are access
> networks.

That would be really, really bad. My 3750's won't accept arbitrary
/128's in an ACL unless it's EUI-64 or I make up something similar that
it will like. I'm sure I'm not the only person who owns a 3750. As such,
my mail servers are using EUI-64 addresses.


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