IPv6 internet broken, Verizon route prefix length policy

Jeff McAdams jeffm at iglou.com
Mon Oct 12 19:26:28 UTC 2009

Seth Mattinen wrote:

> If you are interested, I don't want to spam the list with my Verizon
> horror story, but you can read it here:
> http://www.rollernet.us/wordpress/category/ipv6/

At the risk of sounding like I'm piling on, I'm in the same basically 
the same boat that Seth is, except that I do know who my account rep is 
and have been in touch with him.

Verizon's policy has been related to me that they will not accept or 
propogate any IPv6 route advertisements with prefix lengths longer than 
/32.  Full stop.  So that even includes those of us that have /48 PI 
space from ARIN that are direct customers of Verizon.

I've been told that Verizon is discussing this policy and whether it 
should be updated, but until they update their policy to be in line with 
the IPv6 Internet allocation/assignment policies from at least September 
of 2006 (when ARIN assigned their first /48 from 2620:0::/23), if your 
announcements are only longer than /32, you should be aware that Verizon 
is completely unreachable for you - even if you are a Verizon customer 

Jeff McAdams

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