Does Internet Speed Vary by Season?

Joe Greco jgreco at
Mon Oct 12 14:04:05 UTC 2009

> On 2009-10-11, at 19:22 , Joe Greco wrote:
> > (*) In the late 1990's, I heard the most astonishing claims made by  
> > a new
> > entrant into the Milwaukee ISP market, about how some of the "other"  
> > ISP's
> > "shared" lines between customers and this decreased your speeds.   
> > They had
> > no clue who I was, so I engaged their technical person for a while  
> > who set
> > out to convince me that other ISP's really _did_ do this mythical  
> > line-
> > sharing - multiple modems to one port.  Until I started talking  
> > about the
> > technical aspects, that is.
> Not so mythical. Around the same time period, we found out about an  
> ISP offering always-on ISDN BRI service for such a low price that it  
> could not possibly make sense. We wondered how they could make ends  
> meet at that rate until we found out how they did it. They daisy  
> chained multiple customers' BRI lines together, using the second B  
> channel from one customer to connect the next customer down the line.  
> Once, one of their customers switched to our service and we  
> reconfigured their router (a legitimate action: both router and BRI  
> line belonged to the customer). Who knows how many downstream  
> customers we broke by doing that.

A virtual ISDN party line!  Cool!  :-)

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