32-bit AS numbers

Łukasz Bromirski lukasz at bromirski.net
Sat Oct 10 16:34:03 UTC 2009

On 2009-10-10 12:36, Matthew Palmer wrote:

>>> http://as4.cluepon.net/index.php/Main_Page
>> While it's good to see support _finally_ in 2.2SX, I still don't see it
>> in 12.2SR (for rsp720).  It's almost like Cisco has no idea how
>> many of these things are actually used on the Internet.
> Or, more plausibly, they know exactly how many there are out there, and how
> much they'd be able to make if everyone were forced to upgrade.

The 12.2SRE for RSP720 on 7600 is going to be available shortly and
it will support 4B ASNs. It was communicated a number of times on
[email protected] for those who subscribe it and did care.

But I see that conspiracy theory looks nicer.

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