Anyone seeing BGP weirdness?

Andree Toonk andree+nanog at
Thu Oct 8 19:14:09 UTC 2009

Hi Eric,

.-- My secret spy satellite informs me that at Thu, 08 Oct 2009, Eric Gearhart wrote:

> Is anyone else seeing general routing weirdness on the Internets, or at
> least can someone point me at a good "BGP dashboard" site that monitors the
> state of routing tables at various places?

I have not seen 'weirdness'.
You can check:
or telnet to and verify if there's anything strange
going on with your prefixes.

Also, might be useful for you in this case. It will monitor your prefixes
from several detectors all over the world. 
Alarm / Notification messages will be sent to you in case of suspicious
announcements or instability.

Hope that helps.


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