ISP customer assignments

Michael Dillon wavetossed at
Thu Oct 8 10:37:20 UTC 2009

> I would disagree. IPv6 is designed around class boundaries which, in my
> understanding, are:
> A layer two network gets assigned a /64
> A customer gets assigned a /48

A "site" gets assigned a /48. It could be a customer site, or one of
your many sites
or one of a customer's many sites. I interpret "site" to roughly be
within a single
building, although a campus type arrangement could be considered a single
site if the network architects want to do it that way.

> An ISP gets assigned a /32 (unless they need more)

> If your complaint is that all devices in a /64 are going to see IPv6
> broadcast/multicast packets from the rest of the devices in that subnet,
> then don't assign 2^64 devices to that subnet.


> I still don't understand why its infuriating to you, but I can certainly
> tell that it is.

It's purely a case of stage 2  which is a good thing IMHO, since it
shows some movement forwards past denial.

Confronting the Reality of Emotional Denial and Grief

BTW, that PDF really *is* about IPv6 deployment.

--Michael Dillon

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