ISP customer assignments

Tim Durack tdurack at
Tue Oct 6 01:01:56 UTC 2009

> Is someone not making sensible use of their IPv6 allocation?
> Another one of the goals is to enable organization (and the Internet, prior
> to PI space) to be far more aggregatable.
> Real example: Instead of one enterprise network having 31 dis-contiguous
> IPv4 /16s they could get one (large) IPv6 allocation.
> ... With room to grow and still aggregate.
> PI space changes that conversation on the DFZ side back to a bit of a swamp
> until we get that fixed in one fashion or another ...
> /TJ

You sure you got the target right? When I look at the the last CIDR
report, top-30 would give a 70% improvement in DFZ. Guess how many end
users with PI are in that top 30?


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