ISP customer assignments

TJ trejrco at
Tue Oct 6 00:33:46 UTC 2009

>	Just for grins, put a unique IPv6 address in every active RFID
>	tag.  ...  and remember that there are RFID printers that can
>	put 18 tags on a single A4 sheet.  Numbers will become disposible,
>	like starbucks coffee cups and MCD's bigmac containers.

Ignoring the difference between a globally unique identifier and a
network-connected, routeable, globally-unique identifier for just a moment
... OK, so we can print 18 tags per A4 sheet.  And a single /64 gives us
18BillionBillion of these - start printing, if you so desire.  Let me know
when you need your next /64 :)  (even assuming no reuse / overlap between
different solution sets).


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