ISP customer assignments

Brian Johnson bjohnson at
Mon Oct 5 16:08:30 UTC 2009

So a customer with a single PC hooked up to their broad-band connection would be given 2^64 addresses?

I realize that this is future proofing, but OMG! That’s the IPv4 Internet^2 for a single device!

Am I still seeing/reading/understanding this correctly?

- Brian

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> Brian Johnson wrote:
> >>From what I can tell from an ISP perspective, the design of IPv6 is
> for
> > assignment of a /64 to an end user. Is this correct? Is this how it
> is
> > currently being done? If not, where am I going wrong?
> >
> The most common thing I see is /64 if the end user only needs one
> subnet, /56 if they need more than one.
> ~Seth

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