Dutch ISPs to collaborate and take responsibility for botted clients

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at prolocation.net
Sun Oct 4 09:26:20 UTC 2009


> A major reason ISPs are hesitant to take deliberate measures against such 
> systems is that they are afraid that disconnecting users and making them 
> spend time and money cleaning up their systems will only drive them into the 
> hands of competitors. And the support process itself is expensive, probably 
> wiping out the profit from that user. But with such high coverage of the 
> market users may not have permissive alternatives.
> This will be an interesting phenomenon to watch. If it is successful perhaps 
> it could work here too."
> -------
> I couldn't find the story in English in a version that did not link to my 
> original post, I waited a few days to see if anyone else picks it up, as I 
> don't want yet another self-promotion fight. No one I found in under 2 
> minutes on Google did, so this second-hand link should do.
> http://blogs.pcmag.com/securitywatch/2009/09/dutch_isps_sign_anti-botnet_tr.php

This is rather old news btw, the convernant was signed < 14 Aug.

The ISP's that signed are :

Alice, Het Net, InterNLnet, KPN, Luna NL, Concepts ICT, Online, Solcon, 
Tele2, Telfort, UPC, Xenosite, XS4ALL en Ziggo

This is certainly not 98% of the NL marked as they claim. But who cares 
its a nice initiative.


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