Dutch ISPs to collaborate and take responsibility for bottedclients

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Sounds great but who cover the costs?
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On Sat, 3 Oct 2009, Gadi Evron wrote:

> The story is covered by PC mag:

  Thanks for the article Gadi.  Honestly, I wish both my personal ISP and
  one of my business ISPs would do this.  Though I have the technical
  ability to monitor my outgoing connections for such things, it's not a
  trivial task and requires resources I've decided not to invest in, namely
  a Linux PC running as my gateway with yet more software (OS, monitoring
  tools, etc) I need to secure and keep updated.

  For me to be thrilled about my ISPs monitoring my connection for "bad
  behavior," the ISP should:

     * Quickly notify the customer about the problem via email and phone
     * Offer the ability to view the evidence of the "bad behavior,"
       accessible on the ISP network via the web so it can be viewed whether
       the connection is active or blocked, to help determine which host(s)
       is/are responsible
     * Clearly classify the type of "bad behavior" and offer both free and
       paid alternatives to potentially rectify the problem for those less
       technically inclined to self-solve the issue
     * Provide a short period of time (3 days) after notification and before
       disconnect to give an opportunity to fix the issue without service
     * Offer a simple, automated way to get the connection re-tested and
       unblocked immediately (within 15 minutes) using a web service
       accessible even if the connection is blocked

  This would make me happy.

  What would make me angry is if they:

     * Simply turn the connection off with little or no notice
     * Provide no notification of what happened or why
     * Offer no evidence of why they turned the connection off to help debug
     * Force the customer to call customer service to ask for a retest or
     * Have the reconnect take multiple hours/days once approved

  If done right, such a treaty here in the US and elsewhere thing would be a
  major win for the Internet.

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