Help: Verizon Account Manager

Randy Bush randy at
Sat Oct 3 03:54:44 UTC 2009

> On May 5 I was in touch with account manager J from Verizon who quoted
> me and set me up with an Ethernet-delivered circuit. The order was
> placed with implementations manager N. Somewhere during the time it took
> them between May and July to install the fiber, N dropped off the face
> of the earth. I asked J WTF is going on and I was put in touch with new
> implementations manager B who actually managed to finish the job. Turn
> up time came and - guess what - someone had failed to enter the details
> of the order (or whatever) between May and August and I didn't get what
> I ordered. So I tried to call J. Surprise, J's number goes to someone
> totally different. Many weeks of confusing calls later I finally managed
> to find J's boss (which is fun because I'm not an active customer yet)
> and confirmed that J is not there anymore somewhere between Sept 4 and
> Sept 6. He gave me contact info for my supposed replacement, but they
> have yet to answer or return even one of my daily calls for a week. I
> did get a survey for my not-install, gave it horrible marks and checked
> "please contact me", but nobody has. I've tried every phone number and
> email address I can get my hands on for the last month with no results.
> I don't have an account manager. Can anyone help?

what does route views say?


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