BGP or MPLS issue AT&T in New York?

eric clark cabenth at
Sat Oct 3 00:02:18 UTC 2009

A friend of mine has services on through yieldbook (in new York) that
he accesses from Santa Barbara. He noticed he couldn't get to them
around 2pm via his Cox cable inet link, dieing after
gar9.n54ny.ip.AT& (, but from his Verizon link, he
had no issues. The problem persists currently.

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> We're back up now.
> On Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 1:16 PM, Wallace Keith <kwallace at> wrote:
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>> Subject: BGP or MPLS issue AT&T in New York?
>> Anyone notice anything bizarre with AT&T in New York?  We had our cage
>> at 811 10th Avenue (advertised by AS7018) unreachable from several
>> other providers for about 20 minutes, it just recently came back.
>> At the same time, we lost MPLS service (not link, forwarding across
>> the cloud) at another site with AT&T.  Both issues resolved
>> simultaneously.
>> Just curious...
>> Chris
>> In addition to Verizon Business ip issues, we lost an AT&T private line at the same time, but it has come back up. Fiber cut or power somewhere?
>> This was at 15:17 Eastern..
>> -Keith

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