BGP or MPLS issue AT&T in New York?

Adam Greene maillist at
Fri Oct 2 20:10:08 UTC 2009

This just in from outages at Seems to be related to issues a 
number of people are experiencing ...


We just opened a ticket with Verizon and were informed of outages for Verizon on East Coast.

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Anyone seeing packet loss going through for hosts on Verizon but on the East Coast dying?  

Have a prefix that isn't available if data comes into Verizon on the west coast only.


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On 10/2/2009 4:00 PM, Christopher J. Pilkington wrote:
> Anyone notice anything bizarre with AT&T in New York?  We had our cage
> at 811 10th Avenue (advertised by AS7018) unreachable from several
> other providers for about 20 minutes, it just recently came back.
> At the same time, we lost MPLS service (not link, forwarding across
> the cloud) at another site with AT&T.  Both issues resolved
> simultaneously.
> Just curious...
> Chris

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