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We have created a workaround to that issue with our package when used with
the MultiTech line of modems (ALL flavors - GSM and CDMA - USB, Serial, or

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William Herrin <herrin-nanog at> writes:

> The Multitech Multimodem GPRS model MTCBA-G-EN-F4 has an ethernet
> port. Add a SIM card from your favorite wireless carrier and you can
> send and receive SMS messages via "AT" commands over a TCP socket.
> Problem is, it seizes up or otherwise founders every few weeks and has
> to be power cycled.
> Has anyone heard of other products with a good reliability record?

Sorry to be late to add to the hate, but the MacOSX drivers for the
USB flavor (MTCBA-G-U-F4) have issues.  Finally got it running on a
standalone Intel mini that we use just for text messages.  :-P


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