ISP customer assignments

Tim Durack tdurack at
Mon Oct 5 20:41:19 CDT 2009

> So now Verizon is in open revolt against ARIN. They positively refuse
> to carry /48's from legitimately multihomed users. Eff 'em. Perhaps
> Verizon would sooner see IPv6 go down in flames than see their TCAMs
> fill up again. Who knows their reasoning?
> Agree or disagree, it is indeed food for thought. One thing I can say
> with confidence: as a community we truly haven't grasped the major
> implications of an address space that isn't scarce coupled with a
> routing table that is.

Thing is, I'm an end user site. I need more that a /48, but probably
less than a /32. Seeing as how we have an AS and PI, PA isn't going to
cut it. What am I supposed to do? ARIN suggested creative subnetting.
We pushed back and got a /41. If IPv6 doesn't scratch an itch, why

There are plenty of high-profile end user sites in 2620::/23. Some
government (CIA), some popular (Facebook.) I don't think Verizon's
stand is going to last.


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