DNS query analyzer

Jon Meek meekjt at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 23:05:38 CST 2009

I have a "DNSaudit" program that takes libpcap (wireshark/tcpdump)
files. Originally its purpose was to identify AnswersWithoutQuestions,
and QuestionsWithoutAnswers when we were having some routing issues
causing answers to return via a different ISP.

Later I added statistics for response time by server.

I suggest trying the other programs mentioned first, I am the only
user of my program...


On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 7:06 PM, Joseph Jackson
<jjackson at aninetworks.net> wrote:
> Hey List!
> Anyone know of a tool that can take a pcap file from wireshark that was used to collect dns queries and then spit out statistics about the queries such as RTT and timeouts?
> Thanks!
> Joseph

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