What DNS Is Not

Dan White dwhite at olp.net
Thu Nov 26 12:25:49 CST 2009

On 26/11/09 07:37 -0800, David Conrad wrote:
>There are folks on this list who work for ISPs which are doing wildcards/synthesis/etc.  They (or, more likely their management) can tell you there are obvious business reasons why they do wildcards/synthesis/etc.  Perhaps I'm overly cynical, but I suspect that until those business reasons go away, shining a flash light will probably just result in more ISPs implementing wildcards/synthesis/etc. 

That's a disagreement we'll have to have. Anytime this issue has been brought
up in a public setting (here, slashdot, etc.) has resulted in terrible press
and even corrective action. In particular, Network Solutions' attempt to
at this at the .com level was corrected. Of course I don't know what, if
any, ICANN pressure has to do with that, but the flash light practice was
apparently successful.

Dan White

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