What DNS Is Not

Dan White dwhite at olp.net
Wed Nov 25 21:22:15 UTC 2009

On 25/11/09 14:58 -0600, Jorge Amodio wrote:
>Paul's article "What DNS Is Not" published in December's Issue of Communications
>of the ACM.
>Also ICANN publishes memorandum about Harms and Concerns Posed by
>NXDOMAIN Substitution:
>What needs to be done to have ISPs and other service providers stop tampering
>with DNS ?

Some options:

Contact your local, state and federal legislators and convince them it's in
the public interest for them to draft legislation to outlaw this practice -
and hope among all hope that the end result resembles something technically

Contact ICANN/IANA and plead with them to stop assigning any more resources
to said ISP.

Publicize what said ISP is doing and let its customers decide if it's a
significantly deplorable enough practice for them to find another ISP.

Dan White

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