[c-nsp] is a DWDM SFP a DWDM SFP?

ML ml at kenweb.org
Wed Nov 25 16:26:05 UTC 2009

Bill Blackford wrote:
> I do not believe that Juniper keys their optics. My experience with this is limited though. I am able to get third-party optics to work just fine in EX switches.
> bblackford at wsc-asw-02-1> show chassis hardware
> Hardware inventory:
> Item             Version  Part number  Serial number     Description
> Chassis                                BH0208188142      EX3200-24T
> FPC 0            REV 07   750-021261   BH0208188142      EX3200-24T, 8 POE
>   CPU                     BUILTIN      BUILTIN           FPC CPU
>   PIC 0                   BUILTIN      BUILTIN           24x 10/100/1000 Base-T
>   PIC 1          REV 04   711-021270   AR0209216364      4x GE SFP
>     Xcvr 0                NON-JNPR     FFX20H700284      SFP-SX
> Power Supply 0   REV 02   740-020957   AT0508119769      PS 320W AC
> Fan Tray                                                 Fan Tray
> As you can see it identifies the Xcvr as non-Juniper.
> On the Cisco side, I have a Vertex 1310M GLC-LH-SM that is working fine in a 3560G.
> -b

Correct me if I'm wrong but there are good and bad 3rd party SFPs.  The 
good ones being the SFPs with their EEPROM set to appear to be Cisco kit.

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