fight club :) richard bennett vs various nanogers, on paid peering

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Where can we find data on your group's funding sources?

If we're to continue this discussion, we need to establish bias and
motive, which you've not covered on your own accord.

Drive Slow,
Paul Wall

On 11/25/09, Richard Bennett <richard at> wrote:
> Now you've descended from Steenbergen's hair-splitting between "on-net
> routes" (the mechanism) vs. "on-net access" (the actual product) into
> Simpson's straight-up lying. ITIF is not opposed to network neutrality
> in principle, having released a paper on "A Third Way on Network
> Neutrality", There is not a single
> ultra-conservative on the ITIF board, they're all either moderate
> Democrats or moderate Republicans.
> I'm letting most of this childish venting slide, but I will point out
> the bald-faced lies.
> RB
> William Allen Simpson wrote:
>> They're opposed to net neutrality, and (based on his comments and several
>> of the papers) still think the Internet is some kind of bastard child
>> that
>> needs adult supervision in the middle -- by which they mean themselves
>> /in loco parentis/.
>> Looking at the board, it's populated by ultra-conservative wing-nut
>> Republicans, and some Conservadems (as we call them in political circles,
>> they call themselves "centrists") from the "New Democrat Caucus" for
>> "bi-partisan" cover.  And lots of lobbyists -- Federal lobbyists -- who
>> seem to list their educational clients on their bio, but not whether
>> they are also employed by a firm that represents other clients....
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