fight club :) richard bennett vs various nanogers, on paid peering

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Wed Nov 25 06:46:18 UTC 2009

 and in the absence of source routing, why would I care what happens
 past the first hop?  to the extent I can know, document, and prove
 my internal network and its connectivity to its peers, that becomes
 the item of value,  the reputation of the network and its treatment 
 of its peers, clients and providers.

 and the funny thing about reputation.  its so hard to build a good 
 one and so easy to lose.  the second  odd thing about reputation, 
 its nearly impossible to quantify.

(pre-dating norton and woodcock in the peering game)

On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 10:00:52PM -0800, Richard Bennett wrote:
>    I haven't found a good source who knows what's going on outside his own
>    network.
>    Randy Bush wrote:
> not really.  it's just that those with the facts have no reason to blab
> them and reasons not to do so.
> randy
> --
> Richard Bennett

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