I got a live one! - Spam source

Russell Myba rusmyba at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 03:22:36 UTC 2009

Looks like of our customers has decided to turn their /24 into a nice little
space spewing machine.  Doesn't seem like just one compromised host.

Reverse DNS for most of the /24 are suspicious domains.  Each domain used in
the message-id forwards to a single .net which lists their mailing address
as a PO box an single link to an unsubscribe field.

I've contacted at least three known contacts for the customer about the
abuse without a single response.

It would seem there are many layers to this entity:

The domains are registered to one business
Our billing information for the customer has one name, they colo with
another person (whom the cross connect reaches)
Our customer has an IT solutions person working for them (Strange since our
customer and their colo provider are "IT solutions" people themselves.
Abuse handle phone #s are supposedly incorrect (I called it)

Besides the obvious of me at the minimum filtering port tcp/25 is their an
organization that tracks businesses like these who seem like they are
building a web of insulation in which to move?

I think this case might interest them.

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