Who has AS 1712?

John Curran jcurran.bulk at me.com
Tue Nov 24 18:19:51 UTC 2009

On Nov 23, 2009, at 10:50 AM, Christopher Morrow wrote:

> In all seriousness though, how does this get fixed?

It's being addressed now, but requires both RIPE and ARIN to work with the respective ASN holders.  Standby for an update once that step has been completed. The more interesting question is how this could happen, and we're busy looking into that at present. 

The AS 1707 assignment goes back to Internic days (i.e. pre-1997) but the remainder of the ASN block (AS 1708 to AS 1728) is marked "assigned by ARIN" at the IANA but had not actually been assigned until very recently.  (ARIN did a reconciliation in July 2009 of all ASNs marked as “assigned by ARIN” with our own internal records to find out whether any holes existed, and began assigning such ASNs in August 2009, including AS numbers in the range 1708 thru 1726).

We're working with RIPE to determine how these numbers were put into usage via the RIPE DB, and will come up with appropriate steps to prevent recurrence once we fully understand the root cause.


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