Who has AS 1712?

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Tue Nov 24 13:51:33 UTC 2009

At 0:32 -0500 11/24/09, Jon Lewis wrote:

>Lots of ASNs have been assigned but aren't visible in the global table.

And not all global networks (needing unique numbering) connect to the 
global "public" internet.

At 8:36 +0100 11/24/09, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:

>Yes, very good idea. And to check the BGP public routing table also
>(belts and suspenders...)

That's a good check, but not sufficient.  When last we fixed an ASN 
registration, the check showed that other ASN's we had were not seen 
in that table.  We just mentioned "they are used on another 
inter-network" and passed.

Kinda like "belts and suspenders" but let's make sure the fly is shut too. ;)

At 15:58 +0900 11/24/09, Randy Bush wrote:

>owned resources may not be announced or visible universally.

Right...or maybe in a different universe.

>existing data sources deeply suck.  rir source data are in different
>formats, owner identies are not even unique in one rir (how many names
>does goog have in arin?), let alone coordinated across rirs, much
>historical data is missing, ...

This is why an inter-registry database inspection tool is needed. 
The traditional one is WhoIs - which as Randy mentions is too vague 
in content.  (The WhoIs spec only says something about TCP to port 
43...and nothing about the query/response formats.)  A tool like IRIS 
is on the shelf that could be a platform from which to build 
something better.

Checking the global public internet tables is a good first step, but 
that's not all that is needed.  Such a step only gives credence to 
uniqueness, but it doesn't guarantee it.

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