Tucows vs Postini

Patrick Tracanelli eksffa at freebsdbrasil.com.br
Tue Nov 24 13:43:16 UTC 2009

Paul Stewart escreveu:
> Hi folks...
> Anyone have much experience with outsourcing antispam/antivirus to
> Tucows?  We use Postini today and are overall pleased.  The Tucows
> pricing seems to be MUCH lower so curious on any feedback...
> Thanks,
> Paul

I personally run Postini, Tucows' and MailFoundry on the clowd (hosted)
for some of my customers, so, its all about my very own personal
experience. Tucows has a way better ROI rates, however they used to be
very, very unstable, with really higher outages than any other of the
mentioned players. Nowadays things just seems to be pretty much
improved. However, when downtime is not a problem anymore with Tucows,
sometimes messages just happen to take real longer to show up in the
inbox. Seems like large mail queue or alike (information-less
diagnostics, in other words just a feeling). Therefore performance is
still lacking from Tucows compared to Postini and MailFoundry. I dont
see any of those problems with Postini.

Now, MailFoundry seems to be the most feature-rich option. Specially
needed for companies with special security policy needs. Performance and
availability is just as good as Postini. Ask your financial people to
check out the pricing conditions for MailFoundry, if they believe it
worths the TCO, I honestly suggest some attention on this SaaS provider.

Patrick Tracanelli

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