Ethernet over DS3 Converters

Jason Rowley jason.rowley.lists at
Tue Nov 24 12:31:33 UTC 2009

On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 3:25 PM, Brad Fleming <bdfleming at> wrote:
> Hello all,
> My company is searching for some Ethernet over DS3 converters / adaptors for
> a specific installation. I see several options from Adtran, RAD-Direct, and
> a couple other (smaller) vendors and was wondering if anyone out there has
> suggestions or insights.
> Our needs are pretty simple:
> We'll need to pass multiple VLANs unless that's simply not possible.
> We'll need copper 10/100 interfaces  on each side.

+1 for Overture. We have a pretty large deployment of 5100s and ISG45s.

Be aware on the 5100 and lower, that if you run MPLS over it, it
cannot currently put that traffic in the appropriate queues. They're
working on that feature (fingers crossed for Q1). We work around that
by setting ToS bits on outgoing interfaces and configuring the switch
rule to look at that instead.

The 5000/5100 and 6000 does have a CLI and SNMP, but lacks the queue
details that the 45+ has. They just tell you something dropped, not
which queue had the drop.

The MPLS limitation also applies to bundling multiple DS3s (if you
can't get GFP bonding to work due to differential delay limitations).
That traffic gets stuffed onto one DS3. Non MPLS traffic appears to be
hashed pretty evenly across multiple DS3s on the newer code. Also, the
hash is dynamically sized based on # of DS3s in the bundle. Again,
hopefully Q1 for MPLS capabilities.

It is my understanding (haven't tested them for that purpose) that the
6000 can see into MPLS headers and properly queue today based off of
DSCP markings. However, they are a bit pricier.

Their TAC is also fantastic if you ever need them.


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