Who has AS 1712?

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Tue Nov 24 06:58:41 UTC 2009

>> how to detect if there are more instances?
> o Should some form of 'scrape routeviews before assignment' happen at
> the RIR? (if you don't like o RV, pick another 2-3 sources of data)
> o How do you make sure each RIR does this act?
> o Should the customer check public data sources before acceptance?
> o Is there a 30 day revoke/return dance for Number Resources?
>> how to prevent new instances, both asn and ip?
> See above ... It seems sensible to check existing data sources, if
> that can be automated easily enough?

owned resources may not be announced or visible universally.

existing data sources deeply suck.  rir source data are in different
formats, owner identies are not even unique in one rir (how many names
does goog have in arin?), let alone coordinated across rirs, much
historical data is missing, ...

dual ownership is needed for transfer.  so i am thinking along the lines
of an aged report of cert conflicts.  maybe "bob and alice have both
owned 42.666.0.0/15 for 77 days."  

of course this begs the issue of irs not having unique single IDs for
bob and alice.


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