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Thu Nov 19 13:19:03 UTC 2009

We have used Password Manager XP for quite some time.  It supports different user roles, allows security to be set per folder, the encryption levels it supports are insane, and it allows for a "database password" and then user level authentication (which can be tied to NT authentication from the workstation).  They also have a client for windows mobile devices.  The client also runs in wine exceptionally well.  You can configure it to do form filling, and you can define password expiration dates and it will remind you that passwords need changed.  Also supports the ability to define a database log, so that all changes can be sent off to a log server.  You can also add pretty detailed descriptions to the entry, and you can tie files into the entry as well.  Works great for attaching a private key for access to servers via SSH.  All of the displayed fields inside of each folder are completely customizable and quite easy to change.  It supports multiple users pretty well, however we have had to restore the database from backups once when a user was writing to the database over SSLVPN and the connection dropped.  We have used it with a max of about 20 people and it worked great for that number, however as your database gets larger and larger it does take a while to make some changes.

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Quick question, does anyone have software/combination of tools they recommend on centrally store various passwords securely?


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