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Thu Nov 19 07:27:39 UTC 2009

Jorge Amodio wrote:
> Still you didn't answer the question.
> What ISOTF stands for and who are "we" ?
> What papers the "we" published ? where ?

This is off-topic, so while we give some thought as to what to put on 
the public web page in the future, here is a quick answer. Future 
responses, please off-list.

ISOTF stands for Internet Security Operations Task Force. It's a loosely 
affiliated group of people who respond to Internet-wide incident 
response, and sometimes, need an umbrella name.

I can share personal examples of past uses relating to NANOG, which are 
public. I realize you need a blurb-like answer rather than answer by 
example. Public is new for us, so give us time:

I can share personal examples of past uses relating to NANOG, which are 

1. Monthly botnet C&C's report, posted for a while from 
c2reports at by Randy Vaughn and myself.

2. We also use it to host some papers such as I did the original DNS 
Amplification Attacks, which was released prior to being able to get 
academic credit or decent editing, due to operational needs of major 
attacks in the wild, with very little information known at the time by 

3. ISOI stands for Internet Security Operations and Intelligence. It is 
a non-profit and closed workshop for vetted and trusted individuals in 
communities such as MWP, NSP-SEC, MAAWG, and in government, law 
enforcement, industry and academia in North America and world-wide. In 
it sensitive subjects relating to the security of the Internet 
infrastructure, combating cyber crime, phishing, botnets and fraud are 
being discussed.

ISOI 1 was hosted by Cisco and supported by the ISC.

ISOI 2 was hosted by Microsoft and supported by Trend Micro.

ISOI 3 was hosted by ICANN, ISOC and Afilias, and supported by Sunbelt 

ISOI 4 was hosted by Yahoo! and supported by various local SF-bay companies.

ISOI 5 was hosted by the Estonian CERT and supported by Norman.

ISOI 6 was hosted by the University of Texas, Dallas, and supported by 
Baylor University.

ISOI 7 was hosted by Websense and ESET, and supported by Facebook and 


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