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Steve Meuse smeuse at mara.org
Wed Nov 18 22:36:25 CST 2009

Bret Clark expunged (bclark at spectraaccess.com):

> Want to get broadband out to people, then deal with duopolies that many
> of the regions in the country have...such as Verizon & Comcast

WRT to Comcast ...

There is nothing preventing *any* company from building a cable network in any existing MSO territory. Each license is negotiated town-by-town, county-by-county, there aren't any exclusivity agreements, which allow companies like RCN to compete. 

The reason why there isn't more local competition is, well, it's kinda seriously captial inte$ive. You ever notice why RCN doesn't overbuild in East Nowheresville, MI (where Jared lives apparently :)??? Because it's not profitable! 

-Steve (Comcast employee, speaking on my own behalf)

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