threading (was Re: Policy News)

David Andersen dga at
Wed Nov 18 20:12:51 UTC 2009

On Nov 18, 2009, at 2:52 PM, Dobbins, Roland wrote:

> On Nov 19, 2009, at 2:13 AM, Matthew Dodd wrote:
>> Sadly I don't know of any feature that does this in, b
> If you set the GUI to use 'threaded view', it's easy to zap  
> a whole thread.

I believe that Steve's desire was to kill *future* messages in the  
same thread.  e.g., a rule that says 'delete all mail from nanog with  
the subject line 'Policy News' until December 1, 2010'.

This would be a marvelous feature indeed.  Sadly, I don't know how to  
do it in :)


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