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Matthew Dodd mdodd at doddserver.com
Wed Nov 18 19:13:27 UTC 2009

I think he meant being able to easily delete an entire thread of emails, like you might be able to if you were using Gmail. Sadly I don't know of any feature that does this in Mail.app, but you can always make a Smart Mailbox with the rule Any Recipient : Contains : "nanog at merit.edu" and delete things within that mailbox.


-Matt Dodd

On Nov 18, 2009, at 2:01 PM, Chris Meidinger wrote:

> Command+0 for the activity viewer - then click on the stop sign
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> On 18.11.2009, at 17:43, Steven Bellovin <smb at cs.columbia.edu> wrote:
>> Does anyone know an easy way to do "kill thread" in MacOS's Mail.App?  It's getting increasingly hard to read the NANOG list on my Mac without such a capability.  (Yes, the question is serious on its own, apart from any other meanings you may choose to read into it.)

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