APNIC to issue from 175 /8 and 182 /8 soon

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APNIC to make allocations from 175/8 and 182/8 soon

Dear colleagues,

In August 2009, APNIC received two IPv4 address blocks from IANA. These

    - 175/8
    - 182/8

Reachability and routability testing is now complete and exceeds 96% for
all prefixes.

APNIC will soon be allocating from these prefixes.

Please update your routing filters and network configurations

Please also double-check and release any blacklisted IP addresses from
the above ranges, as they now represent fresh /8 blocks.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please
contact the APNIC helpdesk:

    helpdesk at apnic.net


APNIC Helpdesk                                    helpdesk at apnic.net
Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC)   Tel: +61 7 3858 3188
PO Box 2131 Milton, QLD 4064 Australia            Fax: +61 7 3858 3199
Level 1, 33 Park Road, Milton, QLD                http://www.apnic.net
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