What DNS Is Not

Paul Vixie vixie at isc.org
Fri Nov 13 01:57:56 UTC 2009

"Kevin Oberman" <oberman at es.net> writes:

> I find it mildly amusing that my first contact with Paul was about 25
> years ago when he was at DEC and I objected to his use of a wildcard for
> dec.com.

I was only an egg.

> The situations are not parallel and the Internet was a very different
> animal in those days (and DEC was mostly DECnet), but still I managed to
> maintain a full set of MX records for all of our DECnet systems.

Based partly on my conversation with you, I ended up pulling over the
list of DECnet nodes and generating MX's for each one, just to remove
that wildcard.  You were right, and I listened.  Probably I forgot to
thank you until now.  Thanks.
Paul Vixie

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