qos 3560

Bogdan shoshon at shoshon.ro
Thu Nov 12 10:11:49 UTC 2009


i am playing with qos on some devices
- cisco 3560
- cisco 7609
and i have some things that i don't seem to understand.

1. in 3560, i enable mls qos, on the ingress port applyed policy map,
classify the packets with acl, mark, all good. on the egress ports i use
srr-queue with shape/share, everything is fine, it is working.


2. reset to defaults the 3560
in 7606 i pick up a vlan, and apply a policy-map and set dscp 40 on
egress of that vlan
3560 in uplinked in 7609
in 3560 i can see the "marked" packets, and i have matches on the dscp
set earlier (sh mls qos int xx stat).
the problem is: when i apply the srr-queue in 3560 on egress (towards
the test port), it does not work.
if i enable mls qos on 3560, i cannot match anymore the dscp 40 from the

is it normal? do i have to apply the qos stuff (point1) on all switches
i want qos on? i mean, i cannot set dscp in one "core" device and use
that in the whole network ?


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