Resilience - How many BGP providers

adel at adel at
Wed Nov 11 17:14:12 UTC 2009



After recent discussions on the list, I've been thinking about the affects
of multiple BGP feeds to the overall resilience of Internet connectivity
for my organisation.  So originally when I looked at the design
proposals, there was a provision in there for four connections with the
same Internet provider.  Thinking about it and with the valuable input of
members on this list, it was obvious that multiple connections from the
same provider defeated the aim of providing resilience. 

So having come to the decision to use two providers and BGP peer with
both, I'm wondering how much more resilience I would get by peering
with more than two providers.  So will it significantly increase my
resilience by peering with three providers for example, as both of the
upstreams I choose will be multihomed to other providers.  Especially as
I am only looking at peering out of the UK. 

Hope the above makes sense. 


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