Gig Throughput on IPSEC

adel at adel at
Wed Nov 11 04:01:14 CST 2009


 On second thoughts, thinking about this I am probably looking for some
kind of Layer2 encryption devices.  This will make things a lot easier
for the deployment.  Any experiences, thoughts on these types of devices,
would be much appreciated. 


 On Wed 9:25 AM , adel at sent:


 I have a requirement to encrypt data using IPSEC over a p-t-p gig fibre
 link.  In the past I've normally used Juniper to terminate VPNs, as I
 have found them excellent devices and the route based VPN functionality
 very useful.  However looking at their range, only the ISG will do a gig
 of IPSEC.  I'm leaning towards keeping my exising Juniper SSG550's for
 firewall/routing capability at each site.  Then having a separate
 encryption devices to handle the site-to-site vpn requiring the gig
 throughput.  Does anyone have any suggestions on devices to use? 




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