Interesting Point of view - Russian police and RIPE accused of aiding RBN

noc acrino noc.akrino at
Tue Nov 10 18:50:14 UTC 2009


By the way, Jeffrey, by the 24th of October, when you posted the information
that the RBN is located in our networks we couldn't even know about any
malware redirectors on our clients resources - I'm trying to solve the Google
SB issue (still under investigation both by our team and the resource owner,
but NB - it's only 1 ip from 345 sites tested by Google ) but one little
question - how did you get to know about the malware abuse _before_ the
actual report on or on google? What were your conclusions
based on? Why didn't you write to the abuse email the way it's traditionally
done in the network operators' sphere?


Akrino Abuse Team

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