BGP Traffic Engineering question

Drew Weaver drew.weaver at
Tue Nov 10 18:31:01 UTC 2009


If you have several transit providers connected to your network and much of your traffic is generally directed by the "BGP tiebreaker" (i.e. lowest IP address) is there a way, without specifying on a per-prefix basis to prefer the "tie breaker winner" slightly less often? I don't want to "completely flip" the preference so that it just saturates a different link, I am just trying to see if there is any good way to influence the "natural" selection method.

We have 6 transit providers, and Level3 always wins because it is 4/8, normally this isn't a problem because we have traffic engineering systems (route science/avaya) which move traffic away from that link, but if we need to reboot the RS, or something catastrophic happens we would like it to spread out a little more evenly.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? 


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