about interdomain multipath routing.

Jack Bates jbates at brightok.net
Tue Nov 10 04:16:38 UTC 2009

Matthew Petach wrote:
> I've outlawed the use of multihop eBGP for load-sharing here; when we get
> multiple links off the same router to a peer or upstream, they are configured
> with multipath.  We've got hundreds of BGP sessions across the network
> configured with multipath on them.

Same here for my connections, though some of my customers are stuck with 
multihop eBGP in certain remote areas, but that's a completely different 
scenario (single link, but obsolete equipment) and out of my control.

I much prefer multipath, especially given that the standard multihop 
config uses static routing and there are conditions that could cause the 
flap of the eBGP session during a single link outage. With Multipath, 
only the effected path goes down, as it should.


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