What DNS Is Not

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> > 	notbeing Paul, its rude of me to respond - yet you posted this
> > 	to a public list ... so here goes.
> > 
> > 	Why do you find your behaviour in your domains acceptable and yet
> >     the same behaviour in others zones to be "a Bad Thing" and should be
> >     stopped?
> Ok, devils advocate argument.  
> Is there is a difference between being a domain "owner"
> (Patrick wanting to wildcard the domain he has paid for),
> and a domain "custodian" (Verisign for the .com example)
> in whether wildcards are ever acceptable in the DNS
> responses you provide?

	good question - does patrick own the domain or has he paid for
	the registration of mapping a string into a database? either? both?

	I'll lay out what I just did in private email a moment ago.

	regardless of payment, ownership, or other considerations, we
	all (who manage a delegation  point) are stewards of that delegation.
	Patrick, as steward of a domain, feels certain behaviours are 
	acceptable when he performs them within his stewardship, yet is
	nonplused when another steward does the exact same thing in a different

	not being able to resist the analogy....

	Its ok for me to practice indentured servitude in my home, yet when I 
	see my neighbor practicing it in their home - I call the cops on her
	for practicing slavery.  and hope that no one notices me.


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