Failover how much complexity will it add?

Seth Mattinen sethm at
Sun Nov 8 18:19:00 UTC 2009

adel at wrote:
> Thanks for all your comments guys.  With regards to bgp I did
> think about placing two bgp routers in front of the ssg's.  However
> my limited understanding makes me think that if I had two bgp
> connections from different providers I would still have issues.  So
> I guess that if my primary Internet goes down I lose connectivity
> to all the publicly addressed devices on that connection. Like
> dmz hosts and so on.  I would be interested to hear how this 
> can be avoided if at all or do I have to use the same provider.

No, you will announce the same IP addresses (minimum of a /24 which you
can easily obtain from one upstream just by saying "I want to multihome"
if you don't already have a /24) over both. That's the whole point of
multihoming. If cost is an issue you can just use one BGP speaking
router. If you multihome there is no "primary" like you're thinking.


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