Human Factors and Accident reduction/mitigation

Michael Peddemors michael at
Fri Nov 6 00:30:07 UTC 2009

On November 5, 2009, Robert Boyle wrote:
>  It's 
> because someone circumvented the rules, 
> processes, and cross checks put in place to 
> prevent the problem in the first place. Nothing 
> can be made idiot proof because idiots are so creative.
> -Robert
> SEL/MEL Private Instrument

No, no commercial pilot every flew overweight, or in weather below minimums, 
or more that the max hours in a month.. never happens ;)  And there was never 
a boss that 'pushed' them into it, for the sake of expediency or financial 
gain, and the phrase.. 'Big Sky, Little Plane' was nevered uttered.. logbooks 
never fudged and rules are always followed..


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