HE.net, Fremont-2 outage?

Stef Walter stef-list at memberwebs.com
Thu Nov 5 02:51:44 UTC 2009

nevin at enginehosting.com wrote:
> The 2002 press release is talking about the Fremont 1 facility not
> the newer Fremont 2 facility.  Fremont 1 has a fixed power
> availability to each cabinet of just a single 15A circuit.  You can
> not modify or change that, and if you need more power your option is
> to add another cabinet. You are not allowed to route power cords
> between cabinets so you are forever running a single circuit and 80%
> of your 15A circuit max.  The data center was built in a different
> time.

The same is true of racks in most of the suites in the more recent
Freemont 2 facility.



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