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>> Jeffrey Lyon wrote:
>> > FWIW:
>> No date on that 'press release' but the way back machine helps put it
>> somewhere in 2002. A lot of good this "Alameda" sized generator has done
>> recently...
> 2MW isn't super huge or anything.  I would expect that, given the size
> I have been led to believe HE is, they've got a lot more than that now.
> My memory is that Alameda isn't huge, but it isn't small either.  I'm
> not sure ..  ah, here

The 2002 press release is talking about the Fremont 1 facility not the newer Fremont 2 facility.  Fremont 1 has a fixed power availability to each cabinet of just a single 15A circuit.  You can not modify or change that, and if you need more power your option is to add another cabinet. You are not allowed to route power cords between cabinets so you are forever running a single circuit and 80% of your 15A circuit max.  The data center was built in a different time.

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