HE.net, Fremont-2 outage?

Majdi S. Abbas msa at latt.net
Wed Nov 4 07:17:37 UTC 2009

On Wed, Nov 04, 2009 at 07:09:48AM +0000, Tico wrote:
> Since this is the second time in recent history that this building
> has experienced a short power outage caused by ATS flakiness,
> perhaps keeping a small UPS in the cabinet isn't such a bad idea?

	It sounds like a great idea....until one of those small
UPSes smokes out, triggering the fire suppression (or at least 
preaction), possibly also causing the power to be cut to the floor.

	The customer with the small UPS that smoked out generally
does not like receiving the bill for everyone else's equipment
cleaning, too.


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