Small guys with BGP issues

Joe Maimon jmaimon at
Tue Nov 3 14:46:45 UTC 2009

Richard A Steenbergen wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 01, 2009 at 11:54:07PM -0500, Steve Bertrand wrote:
>> I'm not a political person. Take it for what it is worth.

> What is the issue here, that your DSL provider won't speak BGP with you
> no matter how many times you've asked, so you're complaining to NANOG
> about it because you don't have the ability or authority to change
> providers? Please correct me if I'm reading this wrong, but the emails
> so far haven't been very clear and this isn't making a lot of sense.

Any small ISP's that I may have the privilege to be involved with should 
have no issues running BGP with a DSL customer if thats what was needed 
to properly achieve their objectives. I would even do it over a GRE tunnel.

BGP is a tool, not a measuring stick.

Of course that would have more to do with insistence and effort to bring 
the overall network to the state where it is practical and non 
dangerous, some hodge-podges just are not conducive.

You can attach a DSL line to any piece of complex gear, it just takes 
using a bridge. I have attached them to the full range of cisco "small" 
gear (among others), from 1600 - 7200. They all have ethernet ports and 
pppoe dialers.

They can come up to speeds of 15/1. You can terminate multiples. You can 
use them in conjunction with faster lines.

This kind of flexibility is exactly why small ISP's exist.

Bring on the inflexibility! It is lifeblood for the small players and 
that is what competition is all about.

We can always learn something of value from each other. I completely 
respect that those who work with larger networks as a matter of course 
have talents and skills other may not have been able to develop and hone 
and I believe the reverse is true as well.

I have seen a welcoming and fairly level playing ground at NANOG, both 
at meetings and on this list.

I suspect most consider whining and responding smackdowns to be 
distasteful and I would appreciate encouraging anyone with the 
temptation to do so to please reconsider and spare everyone.

Save your draft, drink your coffee and re-read it before sending.


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