Small guys with BGP issues

Richard A Steenbergen ras at
Mon Nov 2 05:07:34 UTC 2009

On Sun, Nov 01, 2009 at 11:54:07PM -0500, Steve Bertrand wrote:
> I'm not a political person. Take it for what it is worth.
> I personally know people who do both:
> - practice but not preach
> - preach but don't practice
> ... however you take my point, I don't care.
> I just wanted it to be known that the 'guys' who do practice it should
> 'God willing' come out and preach it.
> > And this is not the big boy list.  This is for all Operators in North
> > America, and many who are not, regardless of size.  (Well, I guess we'll
> > exclude the guy who buys are cable/DSL link and "provides" to his mother
> > & father with a LinkSys.)
> eh, -stevieb has much respect for all those who read this list, and when
> he posts, feels that the big guys are looking down upon him... hopefully
> with approval.

Ok so, without getting into debates over being political, practicing vs
preaching, BCP38, or big guys vs little guys, can you please explain in
clear english what in the name of holy hell you're talking about?

What is the issue here, that your DSL provider won't speak BGP with you
no matter how many times you've asked, so you're complaining to NANOG
about it because you don't have the ability or authority to change
providers? Please correct me if I'm reading this wrong, but the emails
so far haven't been very clear and this isn't making a lot of sense.

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