Peering in Latin America

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Just depends of the policy based billing /billing models in place. If "billing" is seen as a service the common denominator is the charge the port otherwise a variety of other elements.

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> peering in the IX's a.k.a peering -> unless is a payed service =private-peering! at the exchange

despite full sentences are clearly better to understand, the term "_private_
peering" does not necessarily include payments. It just means that the
interconnect is not realized via a _public_ infrastructure as an IX's network
e.g., but via _discrete_ p2p links, for example.

Paid services are often referred to as "transit" or sometimes even "transit
light" (meaning "my network and the ones of my customers", german Telekom uses
this) or explicitly "_paid_ peering" (which is a misuse of the word peering,
imho, as e.g. used by Arcor/Vodafone).

At least over here the nomenclature is like that ;-)

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